The Malaysian school syllabus nowadays

I could just shook my head when my husband showed this photo shared on facebook to me, a page from a standard one book:

Buku sekolah kanak-kanak darjah satu

Apparently from the comments posted by the friends, there is such curriculum: Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT) or Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

What on earth?!

There is really something wrong with the syllabus.

Why do we want the kids to achieve high level of intellectual skills at this age, when nurturing good attitude (akhlak), teaching them living skills should be the priority?

No wonder we have even standard one kids bullying the peers, if this is what the education system is emphasizing right now. We just fail to understand the mental capacity of the children.

Final words – I agree with this comment:


When my husband asked..

whether I want a Canon or Nikon DSLR for my birthday yesterday, I was so flattered.. nope.. my heart was jumping all over the place first, and then only I flattered.

I didn’t realized he took my comment the other day quite seriously. I did mention of buying a new camera, just for my own satisfaction in capturing scenes and moments.

But I just said, no. “That’s okay. Don’t think it’s a necessity for now”.

Kasihan pada suami. He has already sacrificed a lot, especially his salary. I know it’s part of his duty as a husband, to provide for his family. Although I think he can afford to buy the camera for me, but never mind. That money is better spend for something more meaningful.. and who knows we might need that money for something really important some day. He has a lot to buy for himself after all.

Mr Hubbs is chilling out
Mr Hubbs is chilling out

And as if I can’t afford to buy one for myself. Pfftt!!.. But for the same reason as above, I’m quite reluctant. To be honest, I have one Kenwood mixer in my Lazada cart, waiting to be cashed out. Still thinking should I or should I not. It’s already on sale. But again, it’s just a luxury that can wait. After all, I’m not baking for a living.

I have to say, before I started working, I had this thought that when I start to have my own money, I can buy whatever I can. But apparently, it is not that simple (unless you get 0.5M for your salary per month). You will think more about your loved ones, your responsibility, your future.. everything! It’s not that bad though. It’s something that makes you become more mature, and more responsible.

So, few things to highlight today:

  1. Bertimbangrasalah sesama suami isteri.
  2. Suami saya romantik dengan caranya yang tersendiri 😉
  3. Berjimat cermat selagi ada. (chewah!)

Anyway, I’m officially 34 years old yesterday. 6 more years before I hit that 40 mark, the age that could determine where you’re heading in life.. insyaAllah if Allah permits me to live that long.

Ibu yang garang!

  1. Saya bukanlah bercakap tentang sesiapa yang garang (walaupun ada sedikit relevan dengan ibu saya), tetapi hanya diri saya sendiri.
  2. Saya sentiasa fikir bahawa ibu saya seorang yang garang sewaktu saya kecil dahulu, tetapi saya rasa kalau dibandingkan ibu dahulu, saya lebih teruk lagi (sobs!).
  3. Saya akui kadangkala emosi saya sangat melebihi rasional saya; walaupun kadangkala rasional saya ada melakukan tindakan (memujuk hati) tetapi selalunya emosi amarah saya yang akan menang – yang seterusnya membuatkan saya menyesal sendiri. Tak perlu saya perincikan apakah tindakan yang pernah saya buat kepada anak saya (anak, bukan anak-anak, kerana yang selama ini yang menjadi mangsa amarah melampau saya hanya seorang), tetapi cukup saya katakan perbuatan yang saya lakukan melebihi jerit tengking.
  4. Saya sangat-sangat berusaha untuk mengurangkan kemarahan saya kepada anak . Ada sedikit perubahan yang baik kini tetapi masih jauh daripada apa yang saya perlu buat. Seringkali si anak mencabar dan menduga kesabaran saya, tetapi sepatutnya saya tak boleh marahkan anak kerana dia belum mumayyiz lagi.
  5. Semuanya masih berbalik kepada saya, saya yang perlu mengubah diri, lebih muhasabah diri.

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Pray for the better of Pantai Timur

Asiah, Rayyann, myself and Imad

Last Friday, en route to Terengganu for a baktisiswa program, we stopped by at Tanah Merah to have our lunch. Rayyann was complaining of having stomach ache, too hungry, she said.

We noticed the pharmacy next to the restaurant that we went to eat was having some sort of lelong/giveaways. Once we’ve finished eating, I had a look at the items outside of the pharmacy, looking for potential things to grab. Then I just noticed, ‘hey, that lady, the pharmacy staff, looks familiar’. After a hard thought (and asking Dzul but no answer from him) then only I could recall. It was Asiah, our former coursemate. We had a chat for a while. She remembers me, alhamdulillah..

She was so happy & relieved that I said hi to her. I know she was stressed with what had happened (her store was affected by the flood, and her home too). But what moved me was, she was so calm & said she is still lucky to still have her home compared to others. “Takpelah, rugi sikit je”. Allahu Allah.. Indeed, Allah tested not a soul beyond its scope.

A lesson for me. Somehow it wasn’t the same to read and watch the news from the media than to come and see things with your own eyes. I pray things will become better for Asiah and the people affected by the flood. InsyaAllah…


Semalam kami main bersama…

I have to say yesterday was the most wonderful day in the year 2015, so far..

After work/ fetched the kids from school/nursery, around 6.10 pm I asked my husband if we can go swimming at the condo’s pool (we’ve been renting a condo since March last year).

He said okay, but what I wasn’t expecting is that he’s coming along too. On my mind before asking I just thought it would be only me with the kids.

So we all changed to our ‘wet’ attire, except Imad, which I just brought his in a bag, packed some stuff required and out we went.

Rayyann seemed to be quite natural to dunk herself in the water, Imad’s getting more skillful too in walking in the water. I guess a few more pool session, I shouldn’t be too worried about him being in the water. (He had a number of ‘choking-drowning-like’ events that turned our faces white before.. phew!)

After about 30 minutes in the water and at the little playground, we went back to our crib, with Imad screaming, wanting to return to the pool. The kids took their shower, and then myself.

The second wonderful event was that we got to perform solat jemaah for maghrib. It was unplanned. I was getting ready to perform Maghrib prayer when Rayyann suddenly said, “Rayyann nak ikut ibu solat”. Okay, I said. While she was putting on her praying garment, Dzul came and said, “Kalaulah boleh nak solat sama2..” something like that. I said, why not. He was referring to Imad. I said it’ll be okay, insyaAllah.

And alhamdulillah, we had our very first solat together, with Imad, although he was only running around and ate some potato crisps at times. Rayyann also did quite well, for staying on her praying mat throughout the prayer although she talked and laughed with Imad at times (there was a time I need to shut my eyes as trying to refrain myself from laughing at Imad, sigh!).

Oh, by the way, before performing the prayer, I had ensured that there was nothing dangerous around the room that may harm Imad if he found it. We also had the room door closed so that he would only stay in the room with us and not going anywhere without our supervision.

Subhanallah walhamdulillah.. hoping for similar events to occur again, insyaAllah.. 🙂

New spirit..

I’ve been ignoring this blog for long..
Typical me, I know..
I hardly keep my words when it comes to blogging..
You see, I’m working in an area which requires lots of writing,
that to write a blog post it feels, like, enough of writing, please!

And having an instagram account just makes it worst..

Hah! Excuses, excuses..

I can simply post a (meaningful) picture..
Or just write a sentence (or word) or two.. kan?
It doesn’t do any harm..

Which is why,
there’s a new spirit in me..
To make this blog becomes alive again..

InsyaAllah… (Al- Kahf, verse 24)

🙂 🙂 🙂

Water… Wise enough?

El nino has already made it’s way here. And it has been forecasted that the weather is going to remain dry for another 9-12 months.

Dry weather = less water reserve = water ration if not careful

To prevent that from happening, I am doing my bit to save the water. Have been doing it for years (a habit inculcated by my parents, alhamdulillah), but more since the last few months when we had the drought earlier this year.


I can’t say I’ve done enough to preserve the amount of water in our dams, but at least I’m trying. So far, these are what I’ve been doing:

  • I try to shorten my shower time to only 2-3 minutes. Even if I shampoo my hair, the time is sufficient.
  • I try to ensure no water is leaking through our pipes.
  • I don’t leave the water running when I’m brushing my teeth and while soaping the dirty dish.
  • I try to use the water as minimal as I could when I’m taking my wudhu. Sometimes I have a pail ready underneath the pipe where I’m taking my wudhu to contain the excess water so that it can be used for other things e.g. Washing the bathroom, flush down the toilet etc.
  • Using the used water from washing the rice to water my plants (provide additional nutrients to the plants too).

I vow to do these, which I haven’t yet started:

  • Washing veges and fruits in a basin.
  • The same steps in washing the dishes (have a basin of water to rinse them).
  • Tadah air hujan

Islam has always taught us to use our resources wisely. If it’s not for our good, then what is it for? InsyaAllah, hopefully everyone will play his/her part and we can avoid further rationing.

P/s: it’s been a while, eh?


I know I’ve been in silence for months – 6 months to be precise. 

Bisu, sebisu-bisunya..

I’ve wrote something a few months ago but it just being left somewhere, I can’t remember where. Not in the draft for sure.

Anyways, I’ve been in Malaysia for months now. Well, actually the last time I published a post (on Olympic & Paralympic Games) in September 2012, a couple of days later I returned to Malaysia. 

Then, lots of things happened. My brother got married, I returned to the Pharmacology labs for undergraduate practicals, Rayyann & myself went to UK again in late November for my viva (alhamdulillah, I passed my PhD), then my sister & brother’s walimah at the end of the year, and now I’m in my new career – the lecturer. Oh, in case if you ask, I’m teaching in USM, Penang 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. Just a little update about myself, if anyone reading this blog ever wonder where have I been, although I doubt it. InsyaAllah, I hope I’ll return again to write regularly. Adios!