May 29, 2006..My first words

Salam to all..

First of all, just wanna let u know that.. I’ve never keen of blogging actually..despite the fact that I like to read people’s blog Image.. I do write diary sometimes..(used to be everyday during my schooldays,but now only when I feel I don’t have someone to turn to Image..) I’ve never thought I’m gonna share my thoughts with people one day..

The reason why I started blogging is because I don’t have physical space to keep my personal favourite things..e.g. comic strips, contemporary own photos..and blah..blah.. another reason is, I think by blogging, I’d sound like a more IT-computer savvy person if!

Anyway, hopefully.. by doing this.. will satiate myself (cos I’m sure nobody’s going to read this..hehe..) least at this I’m the kind of person whose interests (hobbies particularly) change like the weather.. Image We’ll see how long I’d stick to this..


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