Dangerous Mind

My MPharm classmates

Today i watched Dangerous Mind, starring Michele Pfeiffer.. my sister rent the vcd last two days..managed to watch it before she returned it as todays the due date Image.

An old movie actually..it was premiered when i was 14 or 15.. a good movie..how a teacher faced a tremendous challenge to change the perceptions of her students.. which were a group of nasty,nerve-wrecking, stubborn students.. that they are not as bad as they thought..what i’d like to highlight here is about how the teacher looked into these students.. despite all their really terrible behaviour..she knew that each one of them has something inside their heart.. there is softness to be sensitive to others when they know that other people care/concern about them..

It makes me wonder,how many people like this teacher are there around us?in Malaysia?in the whole world?i’m sure there are a few,but maybe they’re countable..

Well,i came to know this one person who has this highly valuable trait..she is my sister’s friend..i met her once though..she’s actually a psychology graduate who took teaching as a career..(i wonder if she still does)..when i went to her house with my sister..she told us how she handled her class..she was assigned to the worst class of the form..to make it more interesting, her students were worse than the ones in the movie i mentioned.Image

Her students would try their best to escape the class..and how she had became a bionic woman Image.. i mean, she had this bionic eyes as while she was writing on the board, she could noticed her students were ‘tip-toe’ing,climbing  over the window..you name it..behind her to get out of the class..and she then would drag them back to the class..she didn’t care if the students were not interested to her lessons..but, as she said, her main concern was to get the student to be in the class as she knew they would slowly have their attention on their lessons..if they stay in the class!

Her story really inpired me..well,any other stories too that showed how these peoples sacrifice their needs, time and energy..and how much patience they endured to see other people succeed..i wish i can become like one of them.. God’s will.. Amin..

pic: are all these students nasty? nah!..Image


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