Too long!


Wow,  i’ve never realized i’ve been leaving my page for ages..poor you!so sorry..Image Anyway, i’ve already graduated..Alhamdulillah..Image  feel so proud of myself.. And i guess i made my parents proud too..insyaAllah.. hopefully my MPharm friends will do well in whatever they’re doing too.. kinda miss the ol’ “school” days..hehe.. When i met my arabic friends during our convocation last week (17 Aug), i wondered when will we ever meet again..too bad Thellie wasn’t around.. i’m not sure when i’ll meet her again.. it’s undeniable we did argue on certain things at times,but it showed how comfortable we were to each share our opinions and views.. well, at least it shows that we’re being our trueself instead of trying to please everyone but the truth is we’re not being honest..

InsyaAllah i’ll start my new life as a retail pharmacist in the near future..wonder how life will be like..just pray that it’s going to be great experience..Image


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