I’m a bit lost today..well, actually it had been almost a week now..don’t know what gotten me.. I’m confused all the time.. I registered to participate in MPS scientific conference..but now, I don’t feel like’s not bad to be part of it (hopefully), the thing is I’m not really sure if my registration fee will be accepted.. just because I made it through different mode literally..but somehow i, i’m not sure how to send the receipt.

Another thing is about my plan to pursue my PhD. Till this date, I still haven’t decide where to go. Dr Abas, I’m very certain he’s very worried about it. and Dr Baidi as well. Please Ya Allah, give me some guidance.. maybe He’s been guiding me all along, it’s just me who don’t see it.. Kena solat hajat & istikharah banyak2 ni..

My parents asked me once why i didn’t want to work with UiTM as maybe it’s better for me..and kow what i answered them? i said coz Dzul doesn’t want to be part of UiTM team.. but the truth is, Dr Abas’ (or the school + USM) plan has caught my interest. and other than that, I prayed to Allah to show me the better way.. thus far, i’m comfortable with my decision. Perhaps it’s His answer. Bless me Allah, in my journey.


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