Hair shampoo…oh, shampoo..

Today is my 5th day of work..I’ve began my work in a retail pharmacy last Wednesday (20 Sept).. a very busy one, I can say..

Well, today my most interesting customer was a guy who was really worried about his hair.. His hair is much,much nicer than mine.. but he was worried as he is having this falling-hair problem.. anyway, as he is cute was fun..hehehe..

Guy: Can I have a look at that  shampoo? (pointing to Selsun anti dandruff shampoo)..

Me: No prob.. (and reached for the shampoo)

Guy: Does this one contain chemicals..I’m having this kind of problem.. I was using the wrong shampoo and my head turned out to have flakes, some sort like dandruff..Will this help? But my hair is falling as well..I’m afraid it will just make the prob (hair fall) worse..

Me: hmm..well, sure it does contain chemicals..(afer all, most drugs are chemicals!Image)

Guy: I’m really worried..boleh jamin ke rambut xgugur?

Me: Maybe sbb kulit kepala yang problem, jadi rambut gugur..

bla..bla.. at last, the guy did buy the product.. Image fuh!if he didn’t buy it..then it must’ve been a waste of time..but since he’s cute.. okayla.. at least I managed to convince him.. hehe..


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