Taking a toll

Phew! it’s been a long week for me..been working since monday till sunday.. 48hours this week.. and it’s already taking a toll on my body ..and emotions..i don’t know what makes me feel kinda..errr… mcm xsanggup nak keja situ..actually the workplace is okay.. nice staffs..manager okay too..sometimes dia slalu ngomen pasal i nyer keja though..tp, for the sake of our reputations..xpelah..i don’t mind.. maybe kalau ramai customer i just couldn’t really handle the pressure..

At this time around, i really miss my old jobless days..nobody’s really going to pressure me..ibu tu, alah..xkisah..Image boleh tahan,dah biasa..xde ape..i could watch tv whenever i like..now, i missed quite a number of my fav progs..eventhough my parents do tape them, i just don’t have the time to watch ’em all..alah, sok keja sampai malam..wonder if i could have the time to watch Criminal Minds..Image

Hmm..mata pon dah ngantuk nih..Image i better stop typing and do most important thing..oh, for cik abang’s bday..xwat pape pon lagi..nak watpe pon xtau..he’ll be having ielts class on his bday..& i’m not sure whether i’ll be working that day,..rasenya x..kalo x pon macamle boleh jumpe..hehe..xpela..at least i’ll be in my comfort zone (that’s HOME)..and i can chat with him thru sms..Image


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