Apa2 lah!…hehe..

Hmm…having a pretty boring day…been online for quite some time…sent email to nott to enquire few things.. btw, i’ve been offered (with conditions) a place for MPhil by the U..takut lak pikir nak further study nih.. am thinking of how to write a resignaton letter.. dr hr tu tanye Dzul bile agak2 nak resign..tp dia asek kate kalo resign nanti nak watpe while waiting for enrolment…hmm..btol gak..at least sementara tu I can earn more money..bolehla nak tmbh sket kalo nak survive idup kat UK yg maha mahal tuh..hehe…

La ni pon dok pikir apa title nak masukkan utk entry hr nih…kehkeh…


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