Happy 50th Independence Day

Last 31st August 2007, Malaysia has just celebrated her 50th independence anniversary..The truth is, I’m not really sure what is the most appropriate term to name the day..I used to grow up celebrating the day as our National Day..I guess only in these recent years people started to use ‘Independence Day’..or in Malay language..Hari Merdeka..it is true that 50 years ago, it was the day when Malaysia had been declared independent from the British Colonial..well, then I assume that Independence Day is more suitable to name the day..

Some people keep wishing “Happy birthday,Malaysia”.. for me,the day when Sabah & Sarawak were included as part of Malaysia should be the day of birth for Malaysia.. (too bad I’m suck in history now,I can’t remember the exact date..tsktsk..) Was it 16 September? hopefully I’m right..(I’ve been digging my brain,searching for the date..kehkehkeh..) teruk btol!


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