19 October 2007 ~ it’s the ‘M’ word

19 October 2007 ~ it’s the day!! the day i tied the knot with my beloved fiance…now my husband : Dzul The ceremony was held at Surau Al Iman, Kemensah Height.. after Asar prayer.. Dzul lafaz 2x..hehe..tp ape2 pon alhamdulillah semuanya lancar..:)

The next day, the reception.. venue: Wisma Sejarah, KL. It was the happiest day of my life.. though it wasn’t perfect, tp puas hati..

That nite we spent together..I was flat tired, so we didn’t go out for dinner..instead we ate the food we got fom reception (nasi berkat), on the floor…haha..first nite makan nasi sejuk.. Then we watched One Tree Hill together..was lucky though..it was the final episode..

My Dzul, I Love You So Much!!! Thanx for accepting me in your life..hope we’ll live happily ever after (like in those fairy tales..hehe..)


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