In the past month, I went to watch two movies at cinema.. and a number of DVDs at home.. with my beloved Hubby.. But now, it’s all about the cinema movie..

Cinema: first movie ~ Beowulf

the first movie after we got married..well…for this one, it was a prompt decision..actually my hubby and I didn’t plan to watch any that night.. went to watch at Queensbay Mall.. initially,we went there to buy bath towel for myself, since I only brought one over here. As there was more time, and ‘coincidentally’ the movie was just about to begin, we decided to give it a go. Lucky thing we watch it after we got married! there were just too many ‘nude’ scenes, although it’s just an animation.. kalo xkawin lagi,mesti dah blush..xsenang duduk..hehe..

second movie ~ Stardust

Actually this was the movie I wanted to watch, instead of Beowulf..but Queensbay Mall didn’t screen this movie.. this time, we went to Gurney Plaza.. It was an interesting movie..not too bad lah..I didn’t have high expectations after all (it’s a good thing).. One thing that I’d like to highlight from the movie is..a part when the falling star (played by Claire Danes) confessed to the guy (can’t really remember the actor’s and his character’s name) that she loves him when he became a mouse after a witch casted a spell on him.. She said, she doesn’t need him to tell her he loves her, or show her affections..what she needs is his know that she has his heart is enough.. that made me think..I should think and feel the same way as she is.. you see,I don’t mind if my hubby doesn’t say ‘I Love You’ often..but I would feel a bit distanced if he doesn’t hold my hands when we go out together..if he just ignores me when we sit side by side watching tv.. I still feel that somehow I need him to show his affections towards me all the time..teruk eh?tsktsk.. mula2 lepas tgk cite tu macam nak ubah sikap..but after some time,benda sama jadi balik..nak gak dia tnjk affection..


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