Some thinking..

Christmas and New Year holidays are finally here!

How I’m so relieved.. it’s been a while since we had a long (quite long, 2 weeks eh..) break.. furthermore few weeks before the hols I’d been having long days.. experiments began in the morning and with short break for lunch ( which I only managed to go to perform my prayer and had lunch after the office hour was over) and ended late in the evenings, this hols are the great conclusion to that. But it doesn’t mean that my work has completed.. I still have data to analyse, literatures to read and essays to write.. the work is neverending until I complete my PhD.. insyaAllah I will finish it in three years time.. can’t wait to be back in Malaysia and be close to my family..

Anyway, both my husband and I are looking for some interesting places to go this holidays.. earlier we didn’t really bother to go anywhere cos I thought of ‘doing’ my work during this period. But, to think back, this is the time to take a really good break.. as we never know when is the next time we could get this break before next year’s christmas.. huhu.. kinda regret it that we didn’t plan it properly earlier.. but, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.. the tv is showing plenty of great movies over this holiday. Maybe we would just stuck in front of the tv all day and night.. hahaha..

Just think.. of places.. and decide.. that’s what I need to do.. (need, huh?!)



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