17 June 09MHS Faculty Postgraduate Research Forum was held, where it was compulsory for the first year students to take part in the event. 4 credits was granted for it. What we need to do was to have a poster prepared to be presented & judged. 8 únlucky’ people were chosen to give oral presentations.

Poster Day

You might not believe this, but I did actually have some hope in grabbing a prize (not 1st though) in the poster presentation competition 😉 But my hope crashed when the guy who evaluated my poster only asked 2 simple questions about the graphs displayed – nothing much to do with my knowledge of my study… how could I convince him despite all my insignificant findings?! Or I could be the one who didn’t know how to actually answer him.. belit2 masukkan pasal apa yg I tau ke kan, kan.. ish.. silap daa!… huhu… Never mind. I’ll have another chance at BAP Summer Meeting in Oxford this coming July.. which reminds me, I still haven’t booked my ticket! Sayang nk ikut ke x eh?..hmm…


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