What a weekend!

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for both of us. We did nothing much actually. Early morning went to carboot sale in Colwick. Alhamdulillah, managed to find a moses basket rocking stand.. costs £5.50! (is it cheap or expensive? I’m not so sure).

Anyway, last night, the TMF & 4 Music channels theme was something like ‘the 90s’.. and guess what? I got to catch 3 Spice Girls old video clips, haha.. I was a big fan of them during my school days.. until I graduated my 1st degree, I think.. huh, yelah tu.. after I got married, I requested their special edition cd for my birthday from Sayang, LOL! But to be truth, my interest in them faded bit by bit as I aged. To prove this statement, last night when their concert Live in Wembley was shown on TMF, I dozed off in the middle of it!haha.. and didn’t bother to watch SG in America afterwards. btw, I really like Mel C during that era..compared to how she is now. Alah, even now I don’t really follow her music.. or even any others. Not religiously.. ish, terasa betul dah berusia. Wiser, maybe 😉 Now my inclination has changed towards housework.. i.e. cooking, decorating the house.. Almaklumla, dah jadi bini orang kot.. 😉 😉


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