Cendol, oh cendol…

Well, it’s been a hot summer in UK this year.. it’s like we are on the other end of weather spectrum from what we had in February (reminder: snow storm in UK)..

Anyway, as it was a hot day.. and also because I just watched JJCM, I was tempted (very much!) to have some cendol.. could imagine the cooling taste draining down my throat.. aaahh… 😉 And yesterday evening, I made some.. my very first attempt. Although not all ingredients were in stock, I just made do with whatever we had.. without pandan jus, and air kapur.. and instead of green, I put threw in orange color!!.. The end result: not so bad though.. although it didn’t taste as good as the one sold by the ‘lake’ in Seri Rampai, but there was still a taste of cendol..

I would definitely make it again, perhaps with complete ingredients this time. Just hope the heatwave in Britain last a lil bit longer for me to enjoy having more cendol!!

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