Growing tummy (not growling tau!hehe..)

I noticed I’ve never really wrote anything about my pregnancy, despite the fact that I’m entering the eighth month soon.. (gasp!)

Ermm.. what should I start with? Morning-sickness? urgh! something I’m not really keen to write about.. but somehow there was some interesting experience with it.. If I could list down the things that I despised.. the thing that I craved during that period.. If I’m not mistaken, my sickness lasted for about 3 months.. quite a long period I had to endure, huh? In fact, there’s still some smell which I could not really stand of up till now.. but not as bad as how it used to be..

Let’s stroll down my lists

Things I COULD NOT stand the smell of:

  1. sos cili Lingam
  2. sambal tumis
  3. ghee
  4. my own kitchen, basically!
  5. smell of a room next to the restaurant on D floor, QMC
  6. a few others too, depended on my fussy nose

Things I really had a CRAVE for:

  1. lauk pauk kat warung kat Bayan Baru
  2. mee wantan KLCC food court 2nd floor
  3. claypot noodle food court The Mall
  4. sambal goreng IBU
  5. Lontong IBU
  6. mee kuah Fajar Bakti
  7. lauk pauk kat School Pharmacy
  8. Macam2 lagi yg ada kt pasar malam.. hehe..

kesimpulannya, nak balik Malaysia sangat waktu tu!

More of my pregnancy, soon….. (hopefully.. wink,wink..)


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