What’s happening?

I read on the news today that 4 USM students from Comp. Sc. School won first prize in an international exhibition.. they invented something like a reminder for immunization, if I’m not mistaken.. Congratulations to them for making the nation proud! 🙂

While I’m happy with the news, I’m rather disappointed as among the names, including another team which did enter the competition, there were no muslims. I’m not saying that the muslim students didn’t try at all, maybe they did attempt but the effort was not enough for them to represent the university and the country.

Anyway, another news that had kinda gave me some relieved feeling.. one of the two students from Malaysia who were named as future ASEAN scientist is a muslim. At least there’s some recent achievement from our muslim youths.

Read the news at http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2009&dt=0714&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Terkini&pg=bt_47.htm

I know I shouldn’t assume whether someone is a muslim or not just based on the name, but it’s something that we can count onto.. the NAME! isn’t it?

Looking back at the news I’ve read in recent months, I noticed (not only recently, but now more evidences of it) that the area where muslims ~ particularly MALAYS ~ are being very successful is entertainment. Grrr.. geram jugak difikir2.. what’s the real problem with the malays?

I have some plan on my mind for quite a while now.. maybe I’ll reveal it later.. depends on how myself is progressing.. I know before I do something for the others, I need to do something on myself first. What is it? Be a better muslim.. a very successful student.. WORK HARDER!!


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