Alcohol, Hudud, Aurah…

There has been a few issues regarding alcohol consumption in Malaysia quite recently. Firstly, there was a Muslim model who was sentenced by the Syariah Court to be whipped because she was found guilty of consuming alcohol. Then there was this alcohol raid issue in Selangor, and two political parties have row as a result of this.

I felt to write something on this issue because of few reasons. One, I just feel like writing on it (of course!). Two, I read an article on The Star online that prompted me to write about it.
Let’s first go to the first issue – the model’s punishment. I fully respect and am touched by the sincerity of the woman, to accept the punishment wholeheartedly so that she could just move on. However, I’m not really sure if there is justice in the punishment given. Well, we don’t know how many times she’d done it. Let’s just say it was her first time. I believe there’d be other appropriate method of punishment that could be given. You see, there are still loopholes in the implementation of syariah laws in the country. Undeniably our country is an Islamic country despite no hudud law is being implemented.

As mentioned by Dr Mohd Asri in his website (Kak Rohana did say the same thing about this in one of our usrah sessions), hudud law could only be implemented when the whole system follows what has been guided by Allah & His Rasul through Quran & hadis. We can’t simply implement hudud when there are still questionable and doubtful approaches in our daily life. Hudud, as described by Kak Ana, is meant to be a preventive measure, not just simply to punish people. If the people are still not practising Islam as their way of life, there’s no way hudud can be implemented. Even in the era of Khalifah Umar (if I’m not mistaken), when the Caliph punished a thief, he was being condemned as he overlooked the condition of the thief (a handicap). Instead of reducing the sentence, he punished the thief as if the thief is a normal person. (Err, I guess this is slightly a different point now, huhu…)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against hudud implementation at all. The main thing now is, how should we spread dakwah among the muslims particularly so that they will embrace Islam wholeheartedly, practice it in their life and altogether avoid such vice acts. I guess once we reached the target to have a strong and solid muslim community then only we can talk about punishing those who are guilty in engaging such acts. And I think rather than personal effort, all muslims should be together in spreading the dakwah; the authority responsible (e.g. Jabatan Agama) should be the one to lead the way.

Enough about the punishment. Now, about the article I read. It was written by a regular columnist of the newspaper – Zainah Anwar. She actually was commenting about the same topic as above. I can’t deny what she said was somehow true – how the woman’s act should be approach softly by using Islamic approaches in her argument. If you want to know, I’ve been quite sceptical about this women whenever she mentioned Islam in her argument. The reason – she was a former founder of SIS (Sister In Islam) (I’ve always against this NGO). It’s true they do fight for the women’s, particularly muslim women, rights. However, in certain things, they just embrace the Islamic teaching according to what suits their needs instead of wholy embrace it. I remember before Zainah became the regular columnist, there was a special two pages of articles about her in the newspaper. One of the things she said that I really could not accept was.. ‘my former religious teacher didn’t put on hijab’..(not the exact words though, but something like that). The way she said it was like to justify that not fully covering her aurah (her hair) is okay. She should have known, in that era, presumably in the 60s, the Islamic teaching was not as advanced (not sure if that’s the word I wanted to say) as in the years we are in now. Macam orang mengaji Quran. Dulu2 asal boleh sebut walaupun tajwid tunggang langgang pun tak apa sebab ilmu waktu tu tak macam skrg. Tapi skrg dah ramai yg ahli tajwid, boleh ke kita terus2an ambil tak kisah dgn bacaan Quran kita? Whatever it is, I just hope that Allah will give hidayah to her and the others (anyone) – who thinks covering aurah is something that can be taken lightly- so that they’ll cover their aurah properly. Dan semoga Allah juga memberikan diri ini hidayah untuk menjadi muslimah yang sejati.



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