A gift for Ramadhan..

InsyaAllah kita akan menyambut Ramadhan, jika tidak esok mungkin lusa…

Really looking forward for it. Unfortunately being in this country the celebration is not as happening as in Malaysia. In Malaysia, definitely the environment would be totally different. TVs and radios would play programs relevant to Ramadhan. I miss having my Ramadhan in Malaysia, really! One of my favourite things to do in Ramadhan is to watch Jejak Rasul on TV3. Well, one option is to catch it up online (Alhamdulillah there’s internet!!) I miss going for solat terawih at the masjid too. Can’t deny they do do it here, but the way they do it, I’m sure, is different from how we do back in Malaysia (didn’t get the chance to go to any session last year).

Anyway, I’d like to CONGRATULATE the recipients of Anugerah Merdeka, which include UTM’s Vice Chancellor, Tun Fatimah Hashim, and two other women. What makes me happy is three of them are muslims! ( and three of them are women. WANITA BOLEH! hehe..)They should be the icons of our youngsters, and I hope they will be my will-be-born baby’s icon too.

Btw, I’m counting the days for the birth of our (me & Sayang) beloved baby. How cliche this may sound, but.. whether you’re a girl or a boy, we’re gonna love you with all our heart! Oh, we still haven’t decided the name to be given to our baby. But I’m thinking of Nur Maghfirah (Cahaya Pengampunan) if it’s a girl. Ramadhan – bulan maghfirah (Get it? 🙂 ) Don’t know if Sayang is happy with that name, but apparently he’s not.. huhu.. But we thought of Marwa too. Ape2la, nanti sampai waktu akan dapat nama, kan?

Salam Ramadhan..
“Bulan Ramadhan bulan yg berkat, bulan rahmat dan bulan utama… pahala digandakn doa diterima.. bulan lailatul qadar yg istimewa..”


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