Kuih-muih, desserts…

Well, when I was pregnant.. I had this craziness of baking or cooking.. or anything related with food and kitchen (once the sickness was over, obviously!) hehe.. Was it because I was carrying a girl? No clue!

So, here are the pics of some of the desserts that I made – alone, or with Dzul’s help.. or I helped him.. 😉

Onde-onde.. or buah melaka.. (it’s orange in colour as we didn’t have any green colouring..)

Egg tart (Dzul’s the one who actually made it, I just gave a hand).. Pardon the not-so-good sight of them (insufficient tools, apparently). Tasted good though 🙂

Ice-cream goreng.. yumm!


Pau kari.. (should be steamed but I craved for fried pau)

Strawberry smoothies (how soothing it was to have this in a hot summer day)

Choc chip cheesecake!

and finally, the ultimate strawberry cheesecake with strawberry puree as topping.. 😀


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