Allah The All Knowing..

The nest

Scoring mice behaviour is not a fun thing to do.. watching them for hours really has a sedative effect on those who suffer insomnia.

However, quite recently I found that doing it actually has open up a way for me to deepen my understanding and knowledge in Islam.

“How?”  you may ask..

Well, to keep myself awake throughout the scoring process, I would listen to Islamic talks, forum, etc.. given by highly credibles Islamic scholars.. e.g. Yusuf Estes, Ustaz Zaharuddin, Dr Mohd Asri, Ustaz Azhar Idrus; to name a few..

Alhamdulillah.. doing this boring stuff has actually enlighten me more. Makes me have more faith in Allah and His Messenger, insyaAllah.. Allah knows what’s best for me.


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