UK Election 2010

It’s General Election day today in UK. And as citizen of a Commonwealth country, I have the right to vote in here too.

postal ballot paper envelope

Both Dzul & I registered as a postal voter. Too lazy to go to the polling station to cast our vote. So, we did cast ours last week. I have to say, it was very difficult to select which party I was going to vote for.  The current administrator seems to promote islamophobia among the citizens. The others also kind of not so Islamic-friendly, heavily supporting the homosexual relationship & marriages. Duh!

I pray that whoever wins this election and get to administer the goverment will look after the muslims in the country. As for myself, I am only a temporary resident of this country. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind what policies they have as long as I could finish my study without troubles.

To Muslim British, I wish you all well and may Allah protect your safety and freedom. Amin..

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