Puasa Sunat

Dengan izin Allah, both Dzul and I are fasting today… kerana Allah dan untuk rakyat Palestin di Gaza.

We’re entering summer now, so the duration of fasting is ~ 19 hours (Fajr: 2.28am, Maghrib: 9.24pm).

Poster oleh Light of Faith

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I could really do it, despite we’ve fasted quite recently when the duration was for ~17 hours. However, with determination and confidence in Allah, Alhamdulillah, we’re still strong. While I’m writing this, there’s still 6.5 hours more to go….

After all, 19 hours of fasting is nothing compared to the endless days without proper food for the Gaza people. Slight difficulty is just too easy for the always-in-hardship people in Gaza.

Aduhai Hidayah, insaflah… syukurlah atas kurniaan & nikmat yang diberikan Tuhanmu.. kembalilah ke jalan yang diredhaiNya. InsyaAllah sakinah yang abadi bakal menanti.. Ameen…


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