I’m a… hypocrite?

When I think back of my previous post, I feel I was being hypocrite! ‘Gaza… I feel your pain’.. !? Searching deep down into my soul, truthfully not the slightest pain of Gaza people I could really feel. Astagfirullah al azim…

However, I’m nurturing it. Jihad fisabilillah.. that’s what I’m looking for.

But… what I’ve done so far?

All these while, despite my hatred towards the Israelis and my pity for the Palestinians, I admit the real sympathy to the Palestinians and the spirits to fight for them have never really took place in my heart. Well, I did perform solatul hajat for them.. but only once. And it was done in jamaah during Helwa gathering more than a year ago. Never on my own. I always felt that by demonstrating against the cruelty of Israelis (and other parties which has insulted Islam) as a waste of time. I believe it needs something bigger to show that we’re in serious business!

…but, how wrong I was!

In order to reach something big and significant, we begin with minor effort. Demonstrations, petitions are what needed at the initial stage to fire up the spirits.  Since the muslims especially, are pretty slow in taking actions for such issue..

My wake up call..

I have to thank to Kak Rohana (K Ana Notts), and the usrah sessions that I’m following, for enlightening me up about my responsibilities as a muslim. And my greatest gratitude to Allah swt, for the hidayah taufik.

Ya Allah, jangan kau biarkan aku sendirian dalam urusanku. Sesungguhnya aku tak mampu. Tanpa petunjukMu, Ya Hadi, aku mungkin menzalimi diriku sendiri..


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