World Cup 2010

What team you’re rooting for?

We’re already in the middle of World Cup 2010 season now. A delayed post then, I must say.

I just recalled a Perkongsian Online that I listened to few weeks back, given by Abu Umairah – entitled Pemutusan Ikatan Jahiliyah Para Sahabat. Briefly, he mentioned about football a couple of time.

He said (not quoted correctly, but this is what he meant):

Kita selalu menangis bila tengok team bola yg kita sokong kalah. Tapi adakah kita menangis dengan dosa2 kita. Kita lebih seringkali mengikat diri kita dengan hal2 dunia lebih daripada hal2 ukhrawi.

Another thing that I’d like to point out here: For all muslims who are supporting England team, be careful not to put on England flags clothing. You may not aware of this, but the flag of England actually carries symbol of cross. Very obvious, isn’t it? This thing matters as it relates with our aqidah. Big issue here!!


Enjoy this World Cup season with our eyes and mind open, and guided by taqwa. InsyaAllah you’ll never go astray.


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