The ‘ump’teenth time..

Ya Allah,  again we missed the sahur. For the 4th time, I think.

Ruginya rasa. Betapa banyaknya keberkatan dalam waktu sahur dah terlepas. And I even missed the isya’ prayer too. What’s more the teraweeh. Fell asleep before it was time. Both of us woke up before 2 am, and we just snoozed off.. until it was 4am!! Didn’t even hear the alarm went off.. astagfirullah.. kenapalah teruk sgt..

Macam mana nak teruskan dgn yg amalan sunat2 mlm Ramadan ni? Macam mana nak graduate dari madrasah dengan cemerlang ni.. ish2..

Btw, as in my previous post.. we are now in the 2nd round of Ramadan.. found this article written by ustaz Hasrizal which says something about it.. I like the comments by the readers too. So appropriate and full of wits! 😉


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