Betul merdeka kah?

A few days ago, we celebrated Malaysia’s 53rd National Day.. Alhamdulillah..

Selamat hari merdeka, Malaysia. Image

On that day, at last I got to watch the Petronas ad.. they never failed to touch our hearts with their heart-warming tv ads which are full of messages.

But whilst most Malaysians were in the celebration mood, the celebration was tormented by a few issues arose by some people..

Non-muslim entered the masjid

When two of DAP reps entered the masjid for some reason.. I don’t what were their intentions. The media reported that one of them was giving out donation. The other one was giving ‘tazkirah’. I wonder why did they put the word ‘tazkirah’. Did she really gave tazkirah, or the newspaper simply wanted to raise anger among muslims? I really have no clue.

My point of view.. while there are lots of evidence that non-muslims were allowed to enter masjid in the era of Rasulullah s.a.w, being in this country where every single thing would be associated with ‘politics’.. such things should be avoided in the first place. Whilst I don’t like the idea of these politicians entered the masjid for things other than learning about Islam, or paying a visit to see if there’s a major problem with the building structure.. I hate the way a malay newspaper describing this event in a way like pouring the oil on the flame. Everyone should be responsible with their acts.

Ayuh, merdekakan fikiran semua.


Jejak Rasul 16

Few days earlier, we couldn’t catch up JR due to some problems (not sure what was it.. they said the site may threaten our computer). So, in the wee hours of 31/08/10.. during sahur we got to watch it again. Episod: 19 (maybe)

Interestingly (and coincidentally) this episode explained the close relationship and cooperations of the muslims and Christians in Baitulmaqdis. There’s a church there where two muslim families are responsible in keeping the lock and to open the door every morning. They’ve been doing this for hundreds of years since the occurrence of Holy War. There was a deal done by Salehuddin al Ayubi that the church lock & key matter should be handed to muslims families (Pardon me but my history knowledge on this matter is very, very limited.. huhu..). Hence, the same families have been holding this responsibilities.

I was amazed to watch it. While in the holy land of Palestine, the people who have different believes (Muslims and Christians) could work together, respect one another and keep their promise – The promise is not one or two years old, but hundred years old – Masya Allah. And how could we, Malaysians especially, and the whole world in general can’t have the same attitude towards each other. Why are we so suspicious about the others?

Betul merdekakah kita?

Last but not least…

Selamat menyambut kemerdekaan kepada semua warga Malaysia di mana anda berada. Hayati nilai kemerdekaan sepenuhnya, berlandaskan iman dan ketaatan kepada Allah. InsyaAllah…


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