Before she came into this world..

Reminiscing the moments before Nur Rayyann was born..


7 Sept 09

I was already 4 days overdue (EDD: 3/09/09). We hoped for 9th Sept now.

Ibu has arrived! 🙂

Ibu arrived at night. Dzul & I went to Stansted Airport to fetch Ibu.. the journey took us 2 hours each way. Arrived home at around 2 am. Performed isya’ prayer, sahur, fajr prayer.. and off to sleep.

10 Sept 09

9/09/09 date has passed. Now we’re eyeing on 11/9 or 12/9 (it’s Ibu’s bday :)). Ketika ini, ku reda dengan ketentuanNya (in fact, always).

Ntah macam mana, I was assigned to be the head of the group to cook nasi minyak for NMC iftar on 12/9/09. I handed the post over to dear kak Suhaili.

In the evening before iftar, Dzul brought me to the campus for a walk.. a way to trigger the labour and we walked around the lake.

At University Park campus

11 Sept 09

I started bleeding that morning after sahur. So, no longer fasting.

Went for an appointment with the midwife. Induction date set to be on the 15th.

Then, later in the evening, went for a walk again. This time at Wollaton Park.

My tummy is as big as the hot air balloon

That night, went to bed slightly later than usual.. around 10.30pm. Dzul had long gone to sleep. Felt a slight tummy discomfort once, but just ignored it and went to bed.

12 Sept 09

Middle of the  night, I was awaken by stomach cramps. I timed the frequency & duration, just to ensure whether those were just normal cramps or contractions. Looking at the pattern, I was certain I was in labour. After half an hour of pattern monitoring, I woke Dzul up.

“Sayang, rasa dah start ni..”

He immediately got up, and accompanied me throughout the ordeal (chewah, mcm teruk sgt..)

2 am: More pain.. I woke Ibu up now,

“Ibu, dah sakit..”.

Ibu also immediately got up. Ibu pun prepare2 some little things.. she cooked fried rice I think (ke instant noodle eh..), for myself and for them to sahur.

Dzul called the hospital. After hearing my voice, the midwife asked me to hold on, gave some advice: take PCM, hot bath, eat light meal etc,etc..

My 'birth' ball 😉

Pain reliever: sat on the birth ball (it’s actually a gym ball), gelek2; had the *TENS machine which I rented from the hospital on too..

*TENS: transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator

To kill the time and to take my mind off the pain, both Dzul & I played online games. After some time, the pain became too frequent and a bit more unbearable. Couldn’t concentrate on the finding-the-missing-thing game any longer. I reached for Dzul’s hand and said

“Sayang.. kita mintak maaf banyak2..”

Although I felt I should’ve said this everyday :(. And he kindly replied,

“ Takpe, sabar eh..”

4.30 am: Called the hospital again. This time when I taled to the midwife, I made myself sound like in a great deal of pain I hardly talked (memang sakit susah nak cakap pun tapi buat lebih2 sakit lagi.. hehe..). Finally the midwife said,

“Okay, you can come in now”..

Kesian pulak kat Dzul & Ibu tak dapat nak tunggu solat subuh dulu. But really2 sorry, dah sakit sangat.. quite long & more frequent contractions too. Takut terberanak je kan.. since I’ve got no previous history on this, I don’t know how I’d be.

To be continued… 🙂

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