Before she came into this world II

The journey to the hospital (Queen’s Medical Centre) took us less than 5 minutes. The road was so clear, it was smooth. The traffic lights turned green whenever we neared one. But believe me, despite the short minutes, having contractions while sitting in the car was certainly not a pleasure thing at all.

We parked right in front of the main entrance.. Walked to the labour room which is just less than 200m away. But had to stop for few times due to the contraction. Dzul went to get the wheelchair for me. Luckily it was so early in the morning, only 2,3 people around saw me in such condition, huhu…

Got into the labour room. First I was brought into the doctor-led care room, for initial monitoring as the room is fully-equiped with the facilities.

Getting ourselves monitored
Gelek2 on birth ball to relieve my pain

Ibu performed her fajr prayer in there, while Dzul went to the musolla. After the midwife has taken my (& baby’s) physiological profile, I was brought into midwife-led care room.

The room is very spacious for all three of us to be in there. They have birth ball, resting chair for birth partner, a delivery stool, a bathroom attached.. very comfortable (if you’re not in pain..hehe..)

In the midwife-led care labour room

I was served with toast & tea. The midwife came in after every once in a while to check on baby’s heart rate and my contraction.

10am – I asked to have my cervical opening checked. Just to know how far long I was in labour. Never knew it was so, so very uncomfortableto have it done. What’s more the midwife had to wait for a contraction occur before she could tell how wide open it was. That time: 6 cm.. Alhamdulillah, felt quite happy to hear. We estimated I’d delivere around 3-4 pm. Oh, I’ve changed to my kain batik now, hehe.. (The midwife said “I like your skirt”.. hehe..)

I chatted, had few laughs, ate the toast, jalan2 in the labour room whenever I had no contractions. Otherwise,  I’d have (forced) Dzul to hold me, dance with me, Ibu would massage my back.  And I practically made some jokes sometimes after the wave of contractions had gone. Sampai Ibu kata,

“Dia ni takde muka macam orang sakit lak..” (I sengih jek :D)

2-3pm- I asked the midwife to checkthe cervix opening again. Wonder when would my water bag burst. Tomy dismay, still 6 cm! So I put on more efforts to make lots more movement, squatting etc.. so that the baby would further engaged easily & properly.

Ibu & Dzul took turn to doze off  & perform prayer.. kasihan..

4pm –I requested to have amniocetomy (manually puncture the amniotic sac). After considering all the possible risk & advantage (midwife consulted her senior), the midwife agreed to do it. I had to sign my consent. Reason being: I wrote in my birth plan that I don’t want anything to speed up my labour as long both of us are fine (konon! pdhal mcm tu je dh xtahan..) Oh, opening already 7cm this time. When process done, midwife noticed baby’s head was in weird position, so she pushed it to correct it.

6-7pm – The pain became more unberable now. I started to groan & moan when contractions came. Became more cranky when Dzul did those little things which were not I wanted. Ibu dah start tanya

“Diorang ni tak nak buat apa2 ke orang dah sakit sangat ni?..”

Finally, as I couldn’t bear no more, I requested for anything to relieve the pain.

Epidural: too late. I was 80% to delivering. After consultation, she offered me:

diamorphin ~ for pain relieve,  &

hormone (I think it was oxytocin) ~ to speed up the labour

For these procedures, I was transferred back to the doctor-led care room. The procedures involved:

  • Administration of diamorphine
  • Insertion of catheter to get rid of my urine
  • Insertion of saline (or was it Ringer solution) drip as I developed some kind of metabolic disorder
  • Also the hormone drip
  • A midwife suggested me to have the Ethonox gas inhalation (why didn’t I think of this before?!!)

I was too dizzy after receiving the diamorphine injection, I barely opened my eyes. Dzul & Ibu said for a couple of times while the doctors were doing some procedure on me, they asked me questions but only to find me asleep as I didn’t answer them. The doctor found the baby’s head was facing upward again. Betulkanla lagi.. They mentioned this was very rare…

10-11pm – Cervix opening: 9cm. The doctor said I could start pushing when I felt like it. Ibu & Dzul kata agaknya baby memang nak kuar 12hb, sama dengan Nyaii dia, hehe…

Tried to push, but nothing happened. An obstetrician came and intervened at this stage.she gave until midnight for the baby to come out herself.

Detik2 sebelum 12 malam, we gave up. The baby wouldn’t come out on this date…

To be continued (again…)

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