Kenangan Helwa dulu

It’s been a while since I last visited HelwaNMC’s fotopage. Tengok2 banyaknya aktivit yang dah ketinggalan. What to do, time did not permit me to join them.

Anyways, I found this entry which the activity was ‘potong kain baju kurung’.. demonstrated by moi.. hehe.. sampai skrg tak bagi2 lagi step-by-step instruction.. sampai dah bertukar ajk helwa 2x dah ni.. :S

At this time, I was in my early stage of pregnancy. Dah start morning sickness, but still hid the fact I was pregnant from everyone. Alhamdulillah masa sickness tu kalo pergi rumah orang, hilang rasa 😉

Click here for the full fotopage entry..


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