Gempur Wira!

Baru2 ni kawan2 Srikandi sibuk memuat naik gambar2 zaman sekolah.. terutamanya gambar PKBM(L).. di FB. Bila dah di’tag’, secara tak langsung terjumpa semula kenalan dari EC (or MSAB) yang sama2 digabungkan untuk perbarisan TATU hari kebangsaan 1998 peringkat negeri Johor. This one former EC student, I had known him better than anybody else in his team since we both participated in the sailing program of KLD Tunas Samudera in 1997, together with Azah Bot from my school and another student from EC.


Participants of KLD Tunas Samudera, Aug 1997. Source: Halim Saadon FB

Personally, I felt I had gained a lot from this program. I’d say it was like pregnancy. The first few days were horrible, when sea-sickness struck (it started within 1 hour after the sailing began) . Imagine that night we had to do watch, but almost everyone was sleeping, trying to avoid  from vomitting.  But once the sickness was over (with the help of an activity which required us to run on the deck, back and fro) , it was real fun and full of experience :D. Pelayaran selama lebih kurang 10 hari. Bermula di Lumut, ke Langkawi dan kembali ke Lumut. Selepas 4 hari di laut, tiba di Langkawi, kami semua terhoyong hayang jalan di darat ;). Agak mengambil masa untuk adjust semula.

KLD TS.. tiang layar yang perlu dipanjat setiap pagi. Source: The Star Online


In this program, we learnt a lot about the life of a sailor, TLDM officer to be precise. We learnt about navigation (all the knots stuff) , phrases, pipe blow etc, etc (which I have forgotten.. ah, sayangnya..) . And also got the chance to use the machine gun 😉 One thing that I could vividly pictured on my mind is to climb up the sail post every morning. I’d like to confess here I was (and still am) a height phobic. But as we did it everyday, at least I could temporarily overcame my fear (phew!).

On the way back to Lumut, we had this particular activity – became the PIRATES!! to take over the yacht. The activity gave us the opportunity to apply what we’d learnt before. I was selected as the Navigating Officer (NO), the second highest rank in the organisation *wink, wink*. Halim was the XO (Executive Officer). That post was easy. He was immediately selected. Mainly because of his body size, I think.. hehe.. But he was good and very charismatic as a leader of the pirates 😀

The captain of the ship was a very nice man (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name, Capt). He is an Indian.. maybe Rama something.. huhu.. The high committee of the Pirates (four of us, I was the only lady.. eheh) got the chance to had a lunch with him on the day we took over the ship. So we had some little chat.. The captain asked what we’re gonna do once we finish schools.

Anyways, I think one of my favourite moments in life, was when on the final night when we returned the ship back to the real officers.. the captain introduced me as follows:

“Dia merupakan NO terbaik selepas setahun pelayaran Tunas Samudera. Walaupun bergigi besi (note: I was wearing braces at that time, hehe..), semangatnya juga seperti besi.. bercita2 untuk menjadi ahli farmasi (didn’t they rhyme? 😉 ).. Nur Hidayah….”

I was stunned to hear that. I didn’t think I was that good. The reason he said it because I managed to get all of us back to the port on time (actually I made us 3 minutes late.. as told by a spy friend who got to know this from the real NO, hehe..). I know this may sound like a bit brag here.. thousand apologies. But remembering those words help me to be a better person. Pemberi semangat di kala patah semangat kadangkala.

However, the experience is very invaluable. Would I go again if given the second chance.. maybe not! 😉 Cos I could hardly leave my love ones. Still, thank you Allah for the chance you’ve given me.. the lessons I learnt, the experience I gained, the friendship I made.. all these would be impossible without your permission.


Gempur wira, Gempur wira, Gempur wira!!


4 thoughts on “Gempur Wira!

  1. yam August 27, 2012 / 9:28 am

    macam nak kenal pun pi kld tunas samudera thn 1997…tp gambar ni x clear sgt la….

    • Ummu Rayyann August 31, 2012 / 8:04 am

      oh ye? bila belayar tu? kami pergi yang utk school students 🙂 (eh, of course, lupa dah dimentioned, hehe)

  2. Nik M Ariff July 2, 2014 / 2:49 am


    keep in touch. tatu 1998 – cipan. (EC)

    • Ummu Rayyann July 4, 2014 / 2:54 am

      Wsalam.. ok, nama cipan tu sangat la ingat tapi orangnya yg mana satu tu macam xberapa ingat (sorry!) .. thanks for dropping by.. 🙂

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