Fashion for muslimah.. is that right?

Yesterday, sister Maryam Jameelah (MJ) shared a link in Facebook about Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF). I could only shake my head reading it. And from there, I started following the reports of the event from any source I came across. I shook my head again when I read the report by UM as shared by DrMAZA.

I pity those so-called muslims who organize or involved in this event. Pity as that’s the level of their understanding of Islamic clothing, and their understanding of Islam as a whole. My heart sicken too when they are really proud with their so-called success in ‘promoting’ Islam.

Firstly, let me tell you.. that’s not how muslimah should be wearing. Or perhaps I should change the term.. MUKMINAH. That would be more accurate, I guess as the order to cover up in the Quran was meant for the women of the mukmin (An-Nur, verse 31).

Generally, there is a couple of mistakes done by the organizer of the event, from my point of view:

  • They used the name of Islam inappropriately, for the sake of popularity
  • I don’t think they consulted any muslim scholars when they planned this event

While I think this event has become offensive to fellow muslims, I personally think there’s no such need to organize such event even if the fashion being showed properly covers the aurah. My reason: when an outfit is to be showcased, it has to be eye-catching. While eye-catching outfit could create the feeling of tabarruj.

Well, I’m not the best person to say about this thing as myself isn’t perfect. InsyaAllah, I’m in the process of transforming myself. For more articles in line of this matter, do go to Ummu Husna’s blog. She discusses a lot on aurah.

(Just found an associated article here..)


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