I hate it, but I shouldn’t..

Subhanallah.. the colours of autumn have now reappear.. How beautiful..

Autumn leaf

At least, the pretty sceneries that the eyes are feasting keep my mind off of the slightly depressed feeling that has started to cloud over me.. since the days are getting shorter.. since the dark hours are longer

We have to wait for the bus to return home when it’s already dark starting today. Not something I’m keen of.  Furthermore, the daylight saving time ended on last Saturday night. Hence, it’s dark at 5pm.

During lunch, both Dzul & I had a brief chat with our lunch mate from Thai, Somwang. He said exactly what I had in mind, which was something like this ~

“I miss the food and weather of my country. Other than that, I can adapt..”

Despite my not-so-keen-towards-the-time-difference feeling, I thought I should be grateful that I got the chance to experience living in this 4 seasons country. I should have full faith with what Allah have created & made. My faith should accept that everything being made, happened for reasons. Experiences are just so invaluable. Whether they are experience that we like or against to. They help us to learn about life, and more, to bring us closer to The Sustainer. InsyaAllah..

Oh Allah, forgive me as I’m wrong..


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