Notts Game ’10

(An outdated post which has been sitting (& nesting) in my draft status for weeks now..)

This entry isn’t exactly about the Notts Game which was held last Saturday, 6 Nov 10.. in fact it’s a lil’ bit about Malaysian Food Festival (MFF), an event held in conjuction with the Notts Game, which we took part.

I made a pact with K Syariza & K Zalinah to join them in a food business during MMF – selling nasi lemak and nasi with dishes for lunch. Turn out we sold nasi lemak throughout the day. The nasi lemak sold out like hot cakes. I stayed at home to cook, and I cooked nasi lemak continuously until my rice cooker broke down. Duh! Without a night sleep (cooking all night, stayed up with saying felt good though.. almost there was a time I almost had nervous breakdown as there was lots of things to do and I had not much time left), I felt kind of amazed with myself that I was able to went through the day. What an experience!

I had to say I was really under pressure throughout the day, that made me screamed at Rayyann and slap her foot when she put her foot into my cekodok batter. Felt so guilty immediately that I hugged her and cried. She knew nothing at this age. And I shouldn’t let off my anger easily.

‘Dua golongan manusia yang diiktiraf Allah: golongan SOBIRIN dan syakirin’..

Anyways, the funny thing was, I forgot she had her foot in the batter, I continued to fry the cekodok and I was the one who ate them and said: “Sedap pulak cekodok ni…” hahaha… 😀

Now.. the things that I’ve learnt from this experience:

–          I now know how to cook (pretty) tasty nasi lemak 😉

–          Patience is very much required in cooking. Cook in bad mood, the food will turn out not tasty. Hence I tried to keep my cool throughout the day so that my mood wouldn’t affect the taste of the food I was cooking

–          Ever heard that catering is hard work? Requires lots of energy? True enough! Now I’ve been through that, I understand it fully (well, almost)

–          When people put in their trust in you, do the job properly and fulfil their expectations. DELIVER!! Am I saying I did a bad job in this? Well, not that bad but wasn’t good either. Wished I had done a better job, and kept the customers and the bosses satisfied.. 😦

InsyaAllah, if I happen to do this again next time, I’ll try to do it at my very best! (But will I ever do it again? huhu..)


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