Oh No! It’s December!! (gulp..)

This means I have roughly one year max to finish my PhD. Needs to work extra hard. InsyaAllah would love to be the best PhD degree holder I could be (myself is my own worst enemy!)

This December also means Rayyann is 15 months old. And thus far I haven’t got any proper education plan for her yet (PANIC!!!).

As repeatedly told by K Ana, one sahabah once asked another sahabah  of Rasulullah s.a.w (could be this other sahabah who was being asked was Saidina Umar r.a) when could he start educating (‘tarbiyah’ or ‘didik’) his 10 months old son. And this probably Saidina Umar said: “You’re already a bit behind, my brother”.

Anak-anak mengaji Quran

In Islam, tarbiyatul awlad begins long before the child is being born. Not even while the baby is in the womb, but it begins before one gets married. As written by Sayid Abdullah Nasih Ulwan in his book – Child Education in Islam, finding the right candidate as a spouse is crucial in building a family. And then only after that, the rest of the education process will follow e.g. reciting Quran, look after the food that you’re taking etc. (May refer to my previous post too: Aduhai Anakku Sayang).

I’ve recently been recommended a blog by Yentti, entitled DarwishnDarwisya .. amazed by the ability of the little girl to memorize a number of surahs from the Quran. While I’d love Rayyann to be able to do the same, it is my ambition (not dream) to memorize the Quran too. A bit late… but, better late than never (the efforts that you put in that counts, not the end results).  InsyaAllah, hopefully Rayyann will follow suit.

Mari mengaji

Well, before it’s too late.. I better get cracking with my (oops!.. OUR) plan for Rayyann (and for my other children too, if permitted insyaAllah).


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