Please, Mr Postman..

Last Tuesday, I just stayed at home with Rayyann. So we called my parents’) home since we missed the chance on the weekend.

One of the things we (myself & Ibu) talked about was the postal service in our Pesona Villa area. I just knew (well, not only just knew.. since this happened before I came to UK).. that the postmen have always got the letters mixed up i.e letters sent to the wrong addresses. When the mailbox owners found that the letters in the box weren’t theirs, they tend to left them on top of the mailboxes (perhaps hoping the letter will go to the right destination on their own? I don’t know). And unfortunately there are some naughty kids on the block who like to take the letters and open them (how irresponsible!!)

What if the letters are very important to the receivers? Perhaps some very confidential stuffs which other people are not supposed to know.. Wouldn’t this just lead to some unwanted consequences.

I’m not putting the entire blame to the postmen. Perhaps they just overlooked the letters or saw the addresses wrongly. Or maybe some of them are just not doing the work whole-heartedly.

I know this job doesn’t offer high income (I think maybe just few hundred ringgits..?..).

If only every postman could be like Postman Pat

But if the job is properly done, I’m sure there’ll be more barakah in what they’re doing. Who knows Allah will reward them with better job, with better income in the future because of the job nicely done. Or at least if they’re not being rewarded now, a much, much better reward awaits them in the afterlife (with conditions, of course).

Anyway, this also reminds me that whatever job I do, I need to have them done properly.

Thank you Mr Postmen for the unintentional reminder.. and thank you Allah for the continous reminders in my life.

I’m blessed…

I hope my letter will arrive in time. Ameen…. Oh, and I pray that Pak Teh will recover soon. He’s suffering from hepatitis C, innalillah..

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