Bismillah ar rahman ar raheem..

Today’s already the fifth day of 2011. Where has the first four gone?… (Pendek cerita – Surah Al Asr:1-3)

To be honest, I don’t think I spent the recent university break wisely. There were so much things on my to-do list that I wanted to accomplish before the start of this new year, but none was done.

Thought I could do most of the dams’ behaviour scoring by the 3rd, but I only started to do a couple today !?

Well, when the break first begun I did lots of blogs reading (I still don’t come to term to use the phrase blog-hopping, or blog-reading whatsoever… conventional eh?), as I think my blog needs something which I’m not sure what it was.

At that time, perhaps I was looking for a way to get more readers to my blog. Some of the blogs I came across have millions of followers (well, ‘millions’ is just an exaggeration though with the exceptions of individuals like Dr MAZA & Ustaz Zaharuddin& the likes). Well, I’m referring to those personal blogs. Even my sister & cousins have more than 20 followers. I thought, it is time to do something.

Major revamp needed: in my style of writing –  maybe I should write the way some people write. And then maybe the look… colours.. More pictures.. more exciting entries… etc..etc…

As I thought more of changing here & there, I began to come to my senses. The ultimate reason why I started blogging was more as an expression of myself.. What I’m thinking.. What matters to me.. And besides, to remind myself (& those who read this blog, insyaAllah) about our big responsibility as a muslim. It’s not all about getting more readers, more popular. As then, there’ll no longer be honesty in my postings.

So, should I change? If it’s proved to be for the better, insyaAllah. But for now, I’ll stay as who I am.

More followers or not, I leave it to Allah. If my writing proven to be good for others, alhamdulillah. May Allah gives me more ideas & ability to write better. Thank you for those who reads my blog. I don’t know who you are but I know you’re there (uh, sounds creepy suddenly). In some way you encourage me in posting 😀

Anyway, 2011… what I’m hoping from you..

Certainly the prospect of myself obtaining a PhD in Physiology & Pharmacology.

Is it clear?.. let’s see… (*brush,brush..polish,polish*).. InsyaAllah.. Allah’s will, I WILL!!

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