Turning THIRTY

Yes, it’s my birthday today.. 😀


Gracefully, I’m entering the new series of number.. the 30s

Do I feel any difference?

Physically, no. Mentally, slightly exhausted these days (hopefully it’s only temporary, the effect of studying). Emotionally, grateful for the chance to breathe the almost toxic air for this long.

Am scared too. For the thought of how much longer I’m gonna live lingers much more frequently lately.

Will I make it through to my 70th birthday? 90th? Or maybe I’ll end a week after this?

Astaghfirullah al azim. Oh Rabb, please forgive me for all my wrong deeds.

Even if I know that I’m gonna die tomorrow, I can’t stop living today. Something I learnt from.. (err, either Dr MAZA or Ustaz Kazim) in one of his lectures.

Anyway, what’s the significance of being 30?

Most of my friends say it’s time to dig into anti-aging products (haha, coincidentally this speaker speaks about anti-aging product too..*)

30 – 10 years to go to being 40.. a much more significant age.

People say that ‘life begins at 40’.

Rasulullah s.a.w. accepted his first wahyu & prophecy at the age of 40.

I heard this from somewhere (Ustaz Kazim again, probably), 40 is the age when you’ll hardly change your habits and character. If you used to be a hardworking person until you reach 40 years old, that what you’ll be for the rest of your life. (Sounds good:))

But imagine if you’re a hardcore thief, or criminal… a’uzubillah..

However, with determinations, it’s not always impossible to change.

I hope I’ll be able to get rid off my bad habits, behaviour etc before I turn 40 (or sooner) and acquire more good qualities. First thing first – bad characteristic identification!!

I pray to Allah to guide me to the straight path. Please do not let me deviate..

Anyway, what’s on my birthday wish list?.. hurmm…

To be pampered by beloved hubby is one of them *ngeeeee…*

Happily being pampered. Image source: http://weblogs.dailypress.com

* I wrote the draft of this post to keep me awake throughout a seminar one late afternoon.. syyhhhh…


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