Tabuh berbunyi gemparkan alam sunyi…

Berkumandang suara azan..

Mendayu memecah sepi, selang seli sahutan ayam..

I know this case has been settled, closed, rested.

However, I just got a copy of the request letter sent by the lawyer, sent into my email box few weeks ago.

After reading it, I just thought there was nothing sensitive about it. Just thought this could’ve been solved easily:

Reduce the volume to the level it used to be.

I bet I’d ask the same thing too if I happen to reside there. I am certain our tympanic membrane (in English: eardrum) could only remain being intact until certain desible of noise. No offense to the syiar of azan. I do respect it. As a matter of fact, being in this country, to hear the call of azan in the open air is something I’ve been missing.  But..


be CONSIDERATE to others. Not only to non muslims, but to all human in general.



It’s one of the Islamic teachings too.. 🙂


Anyway, it’s just my humble opinion.

(Note: another entry which has long been nesting in my draft)

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