When the sun is shining bright…

You know we hardly get sunshine in this country, regardless of season. And what’s more in the winter.
So, on Saturday 12 February, once we knew that they forecasted the weather would be sunny, we grabbed the chance to bathe ourselves with the sunshine. We were in dire need to topping up the vitamin D, so that the calcium digested from the food we consumed could be absorb optimum-ly (is there such word?)

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, we went to Attenborough Nature Reserve near Beeston. It was the second time for both Dzul & I, and the first for Rayyann.

Rayyann sat quietly before getting into mischief 😉

We had so much fun.. particularly Rayyann. She got all excited when she tried to feed the ducks and swans. She pretended to be a gymnast by walking on every benchstool she saw. Perhaps she felt certain kind of freedom being in that place.

Subhanallah, Allah The All-Knoweth. For one could find peace by drawing oneself near to the nature.

Look at her cheeky face!
The birds chasing after the food that I threw
We're going home now..

Each and every day, I watched closely my little girl’s growth. And how she’s grown now.

Moga jadi anak yang solehah, Nur Rayyann.. 😀

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