Nad & Abg Irwan.. happy birthday!

After weeks of silence, now I’m back..

Today, we have a couple of birthday wishes.. The first one goes to:

My dearest sister, Nadhira Kaz..


Happy birthday, Nad 😀

You’re… 25.. today.. 😀

Wow, how time flies.. I could vividly remember when you were little.. we used to play together.. There was a time when I was looking after you while Ibu was busy in the kitchen that I accidentally let you swallowed the ‘ubat kuning’. Believe me, it happened so fast, I couldn’t stop you. Then you  had to spend a night (with Ibu) in the hospital. Alhamdulillah, nothing worse had happened.

We also went to school together in Kosas. The first time I had to act as a big sis. You know what I mean. Looking after you while in the school. I was in standard 6 while you were in standard 1. Remember we were being called ‘Mak itik & anak itik’ by certain kids for our patience to not rush to get onto the school bus.. hehe..

Oh, now I remember. We went to sekolah agama rakyat in Ipoh together before Kosas, this one with Naufal too. One of the memories that I couldn’t forget is when we were asked to memorise numbers in arabic. Everyone had to stand up and was allowed to sit only after answering the question. And to see you raise your hand and answered the question on your own, you made me proud in silent 🙂 I used to underestimate your ability and worried how you’d do in the class where the age range was big, but since then I knew you were able to do more things than I thought you weren’t.

When you were younger I had always looked you as a cute, quiet little girl who is also independent (yeah, to compare you with Naufal.. hehe..) and sometimes had few surprises, be it good or not so good (being bitten by monkey for example, hahaha..) for all of us.

Now, we’re being separated most of the times and we have our own lives to lead. We may not be that close but no matter what we’re still close in our hearts. We can still share things, tears & laughters.. that’s what the best thing in us being sisters.

So, on your birthday.. I pray for all good things to be in your way. May Allah bless you endlessly.. Take care..

I love you, sis!

Also a birthday wish for my brother-in law, Mohamed Irwan

Abg Irwan talks to his friend, si ikan kaloi?

I only know you for three years plus, ever since you dated my elder sister. But throughout the period, I find you are fun to be around with, funny, helpful.. and the most important thing, you make kak Fau happy 😀

So, there’s nothing more that I can wish for you on your birthday but for you to have successful life fid dunya wal akhirah, to have a happy family.. and always be in the rahmah of Allah. Ameen..

Happy birthday, abg Irwan.. 😀


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