Baru nak cerita…

I realized I’ve been in total silence for more than a month (with the exceptions of my tweets and a post on Nadhira & Abg Irwan’s birthday). I made a record in March for not posting any single entry in the month after … a year, perhaps? There was a lot of things happened in March, my heart & brain screamed to have the things in them to be poured out. But in the end they had to accept that I just didn’t have the time (plus energy) to do it.

Anyways, what happened in March..

1. The crisis in Libya just got worse and worse (since February, even until now). I really pity a few of my Libyan colleagues. Worries paint their face every day. I asked Samia, my Libyan friends once, ‘how’s family and things?..’ , she could just sigh. Alhamdulillah, how I’m so grateful not to face the same situation. I hope I never will. (But maybe I’ll be tested in different kind of way?)

2. Tsunami hit Japan.. I was in the kitchen one morning, preparing the lunch for my father, brother, sister & cousin (who were here for two weeks since 8 March), before I went to school when I heard the news on tv. Subhanallah, Allah is The Almighty. And only then I knew that the position of the moon has something to do with tsunami. Duh!  Let me explain. All these whiles I thought the earthquake triggers tsunami. But it turn out that the oceanic thing – tides etc, influenced by the moon, triggers the earthquake, hence lead to the occurrence of tsunami. I don’t mean to explain this thing scientifically here, but that’s a new knowledge I’ve acquired. Thanks to Yam Yie for the info. Wow!  Subhanallah. How complex our universe system is that things are still unexplainable in total. How great is Allah! Allahu akbar!!

3. I had visitors! (as mentioned in the above point). Ayah, Nadhira, Naufal & Iqmal came for a visit from 8-22 March. It was exciting to have guests, despite it drained out my energy. (Baru sekarang faham macam mana Ibu bila ada tetamu berhari-hari). At least it gave Rayyann some experience to have other people at home besides her parents. The last time we received visitors was last August, before Ramadhan. They were Mr & Mrs Ooi, hubby’s former employers. But they were here for only the weekends, thus it wasn’t that tiring. Oh, also K fau & family paid us a visit too in November (lupa pulak! hehe..) for 9 days. But because I took a week off from school, so, again, it wasn’t tiring (from doing much cooking, but from jalan2..)

The last point, I hope I’ll be able to write a special entry on it. Ya Allah, please allow me to do so. Wouldn’t be able to do it without your permission. InsyaAllah..

*Just finished an animal experiment (not exactly, I still have their samples to work on) and a presentation on my study. So, this is kind of giving myself a break. InsyaAllah, I hope I’ll post in more entries soon.

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