Sorry, it’s a NO!

No, I’m not talking about any particular reality show.. not Britain’s Got Talent definitely..

It’s about the recent referendum in UK. A referendum whether the voting system in UK should be changed to Aletrnative Vote (AV) has been carried out along the Local Council Election on Thursday, the 5th.

You either agreed to the change – Yes – or want to stick to the current First-Past-The-Vote system -No.

Both Dzul and I registered to be postal voters. By the time we need to vote, that was before the Easter break, I was pretty clueless about this referendum. Dzul did explain a little bit to me about both systems. Something we had learnt when we took the Political Science course as one of our electives when we did our first degree. But still I wasn’t sure what are the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

I did a little research before I cast my vote, just through blogs reading as that time sources were still scarce.

And I chose Yes.. for these reasons:

  1. One party may be represented by more than one candidate. So if you don’t like this particular candidate but still want to vote for the party, you have another option, given the other candidate is a much better one.
  2. Knowing that many would say No to AV, I gave it a chance.. hehe.. (not a very good reason, though. I could jeopardise the real results).

Below is a video to better explain what the referendum is all about, and how the two systems work. I only found it few days before the voting day.

Anyways, the people have spoken. And they voted for NO. So, thank you very much, Mr Clegg. Your idea wasn’t well accepted. Better luck next time!

The Royal Wedding (topik tumpang)

I’m well aware this is no longer the hottest topic in town. It’s pretty old now. Never mind.

It’s been over a week now since the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot. I remember on that beautiful day, my FB news feed was filled with reports of the event, particularly by my Srikandi friends 😀

Wedding gown – simple yet beautiful.. too simple for a princess.. train not long enough..

Make up – she looks old.. did by herself

Maid of Honour’s dress is too simple

Beck is handsome as ever..

Well, those are just a few of the comments made. Haha, the fever was all over the world.


What I wanted to share here is, I’ve learnt a few things about Royal wedding, since the tv showed endless programmes about it one after another when the day was just around the corner. Thanks too to Dzul who has an avid interest in historical documentaries who made me watched the programmes. The things I acquired were like what’s the significance of the wedding gowns in the fashion world – I didn’t have any idea that Queen Elizabeth’s french lace gown stirred some controversy in the country; and Queen Mother’s wedding appearance had been a laughing stock (‘shower cap’-like head cover and very hideous gown). LOL!! The breakfast the newly wed Royals have the day after the wedding looks like dinner for 7 nights!

One more thing: the commonly misused word – commoner. Contrary to common understandings, commoner is not someone who does not have royal blood in him/her but someone who is neither the Sovereign nor a peer (duke, baron, earl etc). Hence, Prince William used to be a commoner too before he was awarded the title Duke of Cambridge (correct me if I’ve missed anything here).

To both Prince William & Princess Catherine, selamat pengantin baru.. (err, boleh kan? hihi..).


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