I’m feeling sick

Istana baru di Malaysia? Source: DrMAZA.com FB

A year ago, I was a young woman who knew more on what’s happening thousand miles away i.e. in Malaysia rather than what’s going on around me i.e. in UK.

But that has changed now.

To be honest, I haven’t read Malaysian news (from whatever source) for months..

(Primary) Reason being: I feel sick reading them.

Other reasons: I spend most of my times with my school work, family, and reading a novel. (A NOVEL?! for months?!)

I only know what’s going on in my beloved country through news and status appeared on my fb news feed, shared by ‘friends’ (Inverted commas don’t mean I half-heartedly befriend them, but some are shared by public figures which I’m one of their fans). If I am lucky enough, there’ll be news on Malaysia in the local newspaper. Like the one about teachers in Terengganu sending the feminine boys to a camp to make them tougher, to reduce the possibility of them becoming gays (Yes, that sort of news appeared in UK newspapers).

Anyways, I came to understand that initially there was news on increasing the petrol price for the umpteenth time in a year. Without doubt, there will be subsequent increase in price of food, transportation, groceries and others. And the next day, they scraped the idea of increasing petrol price, but to increase the electricity tariff.

And they came up with many excuses to support such action. Don’t think many Malaysians bought them, although I’m certain some did.

And surprisingly, while they say they’re cutting the ‘government expenses’ (by placing the burden on the public), a huge istana is on its way in the middle of KL city (err.. I don’t really know where it is actually located). From the comments made on DrMAZA.com FB wall, some said that the project isn’t using the public’s money, but it’s being funded by external resource. Amazing, isn’t it? In the middle of economic downturn, we still receive money from the other.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible. But I’d rather have the money spent on something that would bring greater benefit to the Malaysian people as a whole.

I wonder if there is a need to have more istana. I thought it wasn’t the Royals who are having the problems finding a shelter for themselves (I didn’t mean to be sarcastic here, though).

I share the same sentiment as my sister, as written in her blog recently:

kat london banyak sangat taman2 yang b.e.a.utiful… they have Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Saint James Park and many more. kalau lah kat malaysia ada banyak taman2 macam ni, kan best, instead of skyscrapers, office building etc… at least there’s a place for the whole family to spend time together without spending any money. diorang boleh picnic, main bola, feed the birds… waa! syok woo.

UK Getaway Part 4 -(from Manchester to London)

Yes, instead of having more (unnecessary) buildings, why not creating a new park which the public can use to relax. It’s more nature-friendly. A free one would be great! A big city doesn’t necessarily need to be filled up with stones and glasses arranged unnaturally by man. Even New York has its own Central Park. And what I gather, it’s huge!!
Cutbacks, cutbacks..
The ministers should know there are many ways to make cutbacks. Please learn from the Vice-Chancellor of UoN. Foreseeing the worst of recessions months prior it happened, the UoN team led by the VC had already had their plan in hands.
They understand it was really essential to save their money. In the setting of an organization, instead of cutting the number of staff (as what is being widely practiced), they cut the usage of unnecessary energy (of electricity and gas). Lots of solar panels have been installed on the buildings around the university. What a shame Malaysia doesn’t take the advantage of having solar energy all year  around. I’ll make sure my house in Malaysia will have one, insyaAllah.
This is why we need smart people to lead the country. Not the people who’d like to wipe sweats on their faces with money. Learn from the Quran, please..

(Joseph) said: “Set me over the storehouses of the land: I will indeed guard them, as one that knows (their importance).”

Yusuf: 54

….Hold the responsibility only if you’re capable of it.


Well, I really hope we’ll see some changes in the country.. soon. Otherwise, I pity the future generation.. my children.
“Oh Allah, I plead to You not to leave us alone without Your guidance. Ameen.”

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