Alim Mujahid

I, as a muslimah, and a Malaysian, am very proud with the success of Dr Afifi al-Akiti, who has been appointed as a fellow is Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford. He also holds a post as an Islamic Centre Lecturer in Islamic studies at the said faculty and a College Lecturer in World Religion at Worcester College (source).

I salute Dr Afifi. He is one of those best decribed as ‘alim mujahid’. Alim mujahid: a highly knowledgable person who is able to bring to benefits to Islam and the muslims community, to fight against ‘jahiliyah’ system (as explained by Hilal Asyraf in his youtube video – watch it on Langit Ilahi channel! ūüėÄ )¬†

This is how every muslim (including myself) should have in them, the spirit to succeed while holding on to the true values of Islam. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, what your daily job is, which area your interest is in.. what your level of education is¬†(I¬†have higher respects¬†to those late bloomers or high-achiever at part of later life), just put in your effort and have your focus right. InsyaAllah Allah will lead you to success.

The muslims in the past, as they had real understanding of the Islamic teaching, they had brought in big changes particularly to the world of scientific knowledge.

Muslims have Ibnu Sinna, Al-Jabbar, Al-Khawarizmi to be proud of, who had worked hard, spent their valuable time to expand the knowledge that benefit the whole human community in the end. However, it is saddening that these days, we¬† muslims¬†are so much being left behind, and yet still do not bother to raise ourselves up to the par. Not to the par of the past muslims, and not even to the¬†level of the non-muslims who have achieved a lot. We’re really lacking with such determination. How unfortunate!

At this very moment, I promised to myself to work really hard. Despite I don’t have the same spirit and determination as Dr Afifi, to sacrifice the temptations of good Malaysian food ūüėČ and venture the western world, I’ll hold to my principle – to serve my own nation back at home once I return.



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