Unproductive June… Isra’ & Mikraj..

June, another unproductive month for me.. in term of blogging..

As I have many other important and urgent work to deal with.

Jiwaku terkadang teringin nak menulis, tapi apakan daya..

Anyway, today is 27th of Rejab.. the date which many Islamic scholars agree that Isra’ & mikraj happened on this date.

This was the night Rasulullah s.a.w. travelled from Baitullah to Baitul Maqdis (isra’) and from Baitul Maqdis to up the sky high (mikraj). A mukjizat which we muslims must have faith in, athough it sounds illogical to the sound mind. But that’s the power and greatness of Allah s.w.t. Allahu akbar!!

On this event, Allah through His Messenger, our beloved Rasullullah s.a.w, ordered every muslim to pray five times a day. The fardu.. compulsory, as a sign of submission and obedient to Him.

Therefore, in remembering this great event, it is time for reflection. For my ownself to look back at my ibadah, especially my solah. I am ashamed that sometimes I take this ibadah lightly. I sometimes delayed performing my solah for entertainment especially. Astaghfirullah al azim.

Seberapa cepat kamu mahu menghampiri Allah, secepat itulah Allah menghampiri kamu.

What a shame! When you are in need, you pray to Allah and hope He will grant you prayer immediately. But when it’s time to perform prayer for Him, you don’t feel to do it on that instance.

Koreksi diri….



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