Birthday: Happy birthday, Kak Badariah

I’d like to wish my sister-in-law, sis Badariah Mohamed Noor..

a very happy birthday!..

Dear kak Da,

Our initial relationship was a bit awkward, I’d say. I’ve never met you in person until few days before I was engaged with Dzul, that was when we went to One Utama together with Dzul & Abg Zamir. We had Kenny Rogers for lunch, and then went to watch Shrek 3 at the cinema. Despite I felt like I knew you as Dzul talked a lot about you, and yet on that day we didn’t talk to each other much as.. it was awkward (there, I said it again!).

Anyways, after I got married to Dzul, and we’ve interacted more and more, I really like you and feel more comfortable to be around you (I hope you feel like-wise, eheh..)

Mama told me about her experience when she carried you in her womb. When the amniotic sac that surrounded you broke and instead of protecting you, the sac was somewhere else. A very adventurous and dangerous for a fragile foetus, but alhamdulillah, Allah protected you and against all odd you were born, and grown as a beautiful woman, inside and out. Subhanallah!

What I gather from Dzul, Mama, Bapak, and other relatives.. and also from my own observation (ops! bukannya xde kerja nak observe2 org nih.. but you know what I mean..).. you are very polite, kind, hardworking  and independent person. In fact, I’m sure there are more positive traits in you. And despite the situation you faced in your early life, you were a brilliant and physically active student back during your school years. MasyaAllah!

Hence, on your birthday, I pray for your happiness fid dunya wal akhirah. And Allah’s will, you’ll find your life partner soon. I’m sure that special person will be one of the luckiest guys in the world 🙂

K Badariah.. pinjam gambar FB eh.. hehe..

Happy birthday, sister!!


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