Birthday(s): For a little princess and her papa

My Dearest Niece, Aleesya Raihanah..

As you’ve turned one, I pray that you’ll grow up to become a good muslimah; as smart as Saidatina A’isha r.a., as courageous as Sumaiyah, as patient as Siti Hajar, and as obedient as Siti Maryam.

May you grow up as a beautiful muslimah, inside and out.

..And I wish you all the happiness in the world and the hereafter.. ameen..


Also, an overdue birthday wish for the father..

Ahmad Zamir, who had his 33rd birthday on 19/8/2011

Dear Abang Zamir, I don’t know you much, but I know you’re a caring husband to your wife, a lovely father to your daughter, and responsible son and brother for your parents and other siblings. I wish you’ll achieve whatever things you’ve ever dreamed of, and always being graced with the blessings from The Almighty. InsyaAllah..

Aleesya Raihanah & her Papa
Happy birthday!
p/s: Sorry, the photo is outdated. That’s all I could find which is most appropriate..

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