It’s been 10 years…


It’s been weeks since I last posted an entry.

And I’ve actually didn’t stop writing, but I only wrote halfway, and at the moment I’ve got at least four unpublished drafts. Too many things I wanted to write, but too bad I didn’t have much time to finish them. (Even now while I’m typing this I wonder if I’ll ever post this.. insyaAllah..)

And it’s also been 10 years since the event of the 11th of September, better known as 9/11 (which is weirdly easy to know what date it is when being said or written that way, but not the other dates since I normally say the day before the month. Let’s say 10/3 – which for me is the 10th of March instead of the 3rd of October.. LOL!)

We (thought we) know what had happened on that day. Many theories claimed that the hijack, the plane-crashing-the-WTC were all done by ‘muslim’ terrorists.. and as we also know, the more some people tried to associate this bad event and bad doings to Islam, the more people have reverted to Islam as they learnt about this beautiful religion. Subhanallah..

It doesn’t matter how exciting the news is (although it’s not new anymore), but what’s more important for us muslims is to look after our new brothers and sisters.. to support them as they need much help, especially those who don’t know who and where to turn to when they need the guidance, being the minority etc, etc.. And this I’m not talking about those in the States or Western countries only, but also to those in our own community.

That’s all for now, a short entry from me, which I hope will still help to remind me on one of our responsibilities to the other muslims.


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