Great minds, small minds

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people..”

The quote in English doesn’t sound as harsh as in Malay:

“Orang hebat bercakap tentang idea, orang biasa bercakap tentang peristiwa, orang bodoh bercakap tentang diri (sendiri atau orang lain)..”

I remember few months ago a friend of mine posted this as his facebook status, and made it a reason for not to write a blog, as he didn’t want to be classified as ‘stupid’ (eheh..). You see, people commonly write blogs to tell about what is going on around them, some would like to just write simple things that had happened to themselves, But there are also others: more serious bloggers who write really good blogs.

As for me there’s nothing wrong to write a blog (surely I’d say that!) and to write about yourself, so long as there’s something that other people can learn about from reading your writing (not necessarily blogs). Ever heard of autobiographies? We have great autobiographies of remarkable people, as well as travelogs. Who else would have write the experiences that we can learn from them if not the person who experienced them themselves.

Anyways, as for my friend who didn’t want to own a blog before, he has now started to have one. May people benefit from your writing, and insyaAllah may Allah bless all your effort.

I pray we will all become great people 🙂

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